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About the African Social Development Bank (AfSDB) & AfSDB Institute 

The African Social Development Bank (AfSDB)  and the AfSDB Institute is an initiative of the Global Governance Foundation (GGF)  being a registered non-profit organisation in the Kingdom of Belgium since 2011. At this stage the GGF structure is supporting African entrepreneurs with educational support in writing professional business plans and feasibility studies, what will lead to sourcing of funds through traditional funding channels by private investors, venture capital, banks, and the multilateral development financial institutions.

The Global Governance Foundation (GGF) structure consists of the Global Citizens Platform, the African Social Development Bank (AfSDB) and the AfSDB Institute

Mission of the AfSDB:

The AfSDB's mission is to fight poverty and improve living conditions on the African continent through providing facilitative support in investments in projects and programs that will contribute to the economic and social development within the continent of Africa.

To support the objectives of the AfSDB the GGF Board publishes articles and books made for free available through online download or publications on LinkedIn by its authors. 

Disclaimer: The AfSDB is not a part of any multilateral development financial institution or bank itself, neither does it claim to be, neither do we perform funding or banking services through our own structure or resources. All services provided through the AfSDB are performed through partnerships with corporate structures who support the AfSDB and GGFs mission and possess all licenses and permissions to provide these financial advisory and funding services. 

Mission of the AfSDB Institute :

The AfSDBI  provides intellectual input for policy makers within African developing member countries. It does so by conducting research with a focus on medium- to long-term development issues of strategic importance that affects the region and through capacity building and training activities that contribute to AfSDBs overarching objective of poverty reduction.

The objectives of AfSDBI are to identify effective development strategies and improve the capacity for sound development of the agencies and organizations engaged in development work within Africa. The AfSDBI focuses its activities on areas where it has a strategic advantage, such as the analysis of emerging policy issues from regional as well as medium- to long-term perspectives, and the facilitation of policy dialogue among senior policy makers. The AfSDBI also seeks to enhance its visibility, impact, and accessibility through high-quality knowledge products and services. It strives to be a trusted source of insight, knowledge, and information to which policy makers, academics, and others interested in Africa's development issues turn for guidance.


Alex P.M. Pasmans


Former Presidential Envoy of Guinea Bissau to Belgium (2012-2014) and appointed Honorary Consul of Poland to The Gambia (2015-2016), author, senior negotiator and executive business coach with a strong international track record improving organisational structures, this both profit as well as non-profit structures, optimizing financial results and introducing alternative finance solutions for typically capital intensive large scale projects.

Marzena Grenczyn


Marzena graduated from the Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw and is cofounder of the Global Governance Foundation. Between 2011 till 2019 she was behind the scenes the thriving force behind many EU social and cultural projects related to Poland.

George Karayannis

Director GGF Legal & Compliance

Holds a Law degree from the Democritus University of Thrace (1993-1997) and a Masters in War studies at King’s College London (1997-2000). Besides having been an analyst for the British Parliament Defence Committee (1997-2000), he is attorney for more then 25 years in Business Development.

Fatoumata Millogo

Director GGF Finance Department 

Holds a Master’s degree in Banking Corporate Finance and Securities Law at The Eastern Mediterranean University(2002-2008) and a Masters degree in Microfinance at Solvay Brussels School(2009-2010). She is co-founder of the ‘Pro Investia’ platform for entrepreneurs with a mission to empower African entrepreneurs in the agribusiness sector with strategic partnership opportunities and the necessary management and leadership skills.



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